The Foundation for Thomas Health | PUTTING KIDS IN THE DRIVER’S SEAT
The foundation for Thomas Health, Annual Report, 2017
The foundation for Thomas Health, Annual Report, 2017
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The Foundation for Thomas Health 2017 Appropriation Committee awarded a department grant to Thomas Health Surgical Services to purchase a remote controlled toy car. Children having surgical procedures become stressed when leaving their parents to be taken to the procedure room. Even though the procedural and anesthesia staff takes every possible measure to reassure, comfort and distract the child, they frequently leave the parent stressed, scared and agitated. Having a remote controlled car in the surgery center for pediatric patients takes the stress away and creates another point of focus that is fun and exciting. The car is controlled by surgical staff as they head to the operating area only the child has their attention on the car not leaving their parents as they are safely guided to their destination. With the surgical car just being introduced to the surgery center, the staff has already witnessed great improvements. Not only is taking the stress away from the kids but comforts parents when their child is happy and excited to leave.


“I would like to express my thanks for the car in the surgery department. My grandson was extremely nervous about his surgery, but seemed to forget all about that once he saw the car he got to drive back to the OR. When people ask him how his surgery went he tells them, “I got to drive a car!” It definitely made the day go much easier.”

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