The Foundation for Thomas Health | “A Night in Havana”
The foundation for Thomas Health, Annual Report, 2017
The foundation for Thomas Health, Annual Report, 2017
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25 Sep “A Night in Havana”

November 11, 2017

“A Night in Havana” to benefit the Foundation for Thomas Health was a wonderful success. The honored host was Dr. Timothy Deer of the Spine and Nerve Center. The Signature Sponsor, Moses Auto Group, along with over 365 supporters at Charlestown Town Center Marriott raised over $310,516 to benefit the mission of the Foundation. The event was co-chaired by Betty Schilling-Faulkes and Maria Rendinell who led a committed group of volunteers.  The exciting auction raised nearly $30,699 and featured a first time on-line silent auction. A ticket lottery made it possible for 10 employees of Thomas Health to join in the festivities all to raise charitable support to strengthen the work of the Foundation in our community.


Betty Schilling-Faulkes and Maria Rendinell


Barb Wessels
Barb Higgins
Pam Farris
Gail Carter
Samantha Pardee
Terri Dodrill
Loretta Goolsby
Ana Marino
Marnie Rustemeyer
Luisa DiTrapano
Kim Asseff
Patti and Reggie Carnemolla

Lisa Dundervill
Karen Haddad
Pam Harvit
Susan Haupt
Becky Jordon
Jeremy Nelson
Ashley Pack
Nicole Moorehouse
Kathi Rhea-Richards
Paula Vineyard
Annabelle Amores Walsh

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